Ghost web site states : "Portal is a Members feature which is an embeddable user interface that can be inserted on any Ghost site, using any theme, without needing to write code or edit your theme templates."

Portal is a great feature of Ghost that it takes the membership actions out of theme development and makes it extremely easy to embed on any Ghost site.It is very user friendly and user interface is excellent. We highly recommend using this for your membership management.

But there are some drawbacks around customizing based on each sites's needs. Since this is a generic tool. we can not expect that to address each and every requirement, so that's where we come into the picture. We provide ways to customize Portal user interface, so you can talk to your users the way you want it while it is still the same membership experience provided by Ghost.

This feature of GoPilot can be used to use any text on portal interface and also use any language since your users may not be from an English speaking location.

Default Portal

This is how the default Portal sign up and account page look like

Updating Portal Text

Let's change the text a bit.

First thing you need to do is add a new site within GoPilot which is going to setup the default language for you.

Adding a new site to GoPilot which defines your Ghost site's settings

Each site gets a Site Id which you will need while configuring your Ghost site.

At this point you can click on the site name to get to details

This page shows you the label and the value of the label. As we just created the site, the values are the default values which you can change. For example on the screenshot above, you can see what we call 'Name' and 'Email'. Also maybe we would like to add a header text to the sign up window. So depending on your needs, change a few of these lines. For example we are changing those values as below on GoPilot:

Update Ghost site to use GoPilot for portal text

Now it's time to tell our Ghost installation to use the updated settings. We have 2 things to do:

  1. Update config.production.json (or whatever config file you are using with your Ghost setup)

Add this entry to the end of your file:

"portal": {

"url": ""


2. Then go to Ghost admin and click on  Settings->Code injection

Here add the following lines to Site header:


window.SiteId = 'XXXXX';


Make sure to set the correct Site Id (from the GoPilot web site) as the value of 'window.SiteId'. After this, restart your Ghost site with 'ghost restart' command.

Updated Portal

When you go to your Ghost site with browser, you will see the sign up window has changed based on your customization

More changes to portal text

Let's say I'd like to make more changes. All I have to do is go into GoPilot ->Portal Settings->Site

Then change whatever I want. In this case, let's say change 'Your account' to 'Account details', 'Email newsletter' to 'Newsletter status'

After this all you have to do is load the Ghost page again...and Voilà!

How about some other language...say Russian?

"Well, my users are in Russia and they speak in Russian. So what do I do?"

Easy, just type it in Russian!

And the result is...