You must add a site for each of your Ghost sites in GoPilot . When you add a site, it generates the values you will use within your Ghost site to enable Single Sign on

Click on “Sites” on the left menu

On this page click on “+New Site” link

Enter the values as shown. The name is not significant, you can use any name that makes sense.  Site URL must match URL of your Ghost site and Admin Console URL must match the admin URL of your site (location of how you access your ghost admin). If you do not have a separate admin URL, you can leave it as blank and GoPilot will use the '/ghost/' after your Site URL.

Click “Add”

You will see the new site in the sites list. Here you can click on the site name to see the details

On this screen, you can enable one more of the Identity Providers that you  already configured to use for your Ghost site

Also note the Client ID and Client Secret (You can ‘show’ or ‘copy’ the secret using links). You will need them while configuring your Ghost site for SSO.

Then click “Update Application” to save the changes

Important Note : If you wish to delete the application later, you can use the “Delete Application” button for that. Be careful not to delete an app that you are still using.